Mvance Biogas Team has put in all possible efforts and carried out heavy R&D on this particular palm waste.

With this new effective and efficient Biogas Sytem Technology, it reduces the POME BOD and COD from a very high level to a relative low level consistently. This will facilitates a more efficient and consistent secondary treatment of the effluent to meet the optimum and safe discharge standards.

While protecting the environment, the Biogas System is also capable of generating additional electrical or thermal energy by capturing and utilizing the biogas. This can further provide extra resources for plant applications.

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The state-of-art of MV-TANK (Biogas Tank System) is a combination of high quality components and optimal process control with wide variety of upgrading options, hence the RELIABLE & ROBUST biogas technology.

To provide more flexibility for Plant Operators, the MV-COP (Biogas Covered Pond System) is also introduced. This is a large anaerobic digester which is designed with high retention time and optimal dilution factor. The in-ground, earth or lined lagoon is covered with a flexible or floating gas tight cover. MV-COP is operated at mesophilic condition.

Mvance manages the life cycle of the Biogas plant from concept to production, covering pilot tests studies and local authority legislation through to design and management.

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