Mvance Engineering was established in year 2000. A company specializing in construction of various plants such as biomass power plant, palm kernel crushing plant, palm oil mill, efb processing plant, biogas plant, coconut oil mill and other related plants.

Besides construction, another core business of the company is manufacturing of wide range of high-performance equipment which tailored specially for the palm oil processing industry.

Having the vast experience coupled with strong work force of people and facilities, Mvance is capable of building projects of various sizes ranging from small to large scale.

Over the years, Mvance has developed itself at a fast pace to one of the leading engineering partner in the palm oil processing industry. The company aspires to become a leading company capable of offering superior solutions that exceeds customer expectations and forging many more partnerships.

Mvance Engineering
Mvance Engineering


The company successfully diverse to wider engineering sectors with the aim to contribute more to the related industries and to develop the company  into a complete  industrial partner.

Mvance consistently persist in making improvements and innovations in order for the products to deliver more values to users. Building plants and equipment that truly perform at work place have always been the ultimate principle of Mvance.

The company has made heavy investments on factory facilities and R&D in order to produce outstanding products with great technology. Infinite R&D and testing have been carried out throughout every designing stage to ensure the greatest performance and quality. User datas and expectations have also been key element of inputs to every plant and equipment built.

With a strong belief that technology is the future of industrial arena, Mvance is geared towards providing forefront technology and helping customers stay ahead of competition.

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